Aluminum John Boat Welding Repairing & Patching.

Surprisingly I do a lot of John Boat welding on their aluminum body. I seem to be the only welding shop around that can do it successfully as more and more fisherman are bringing their aluminum John Boats to me for welding and patching.

Aluminum john boat welding repairing & patching

This customer took his boat to another welding shop and they tried. They quit and told him the metal was too thin for welding.

Aluminum john boat welding repairing & patching
The customer called other welding shops and they didn't even want to see it. He was desperate when he called me. I said bring it on over. they're easy to fix.

Aluminum john boat welding repairing & patching

Aluminum john boat welding repairing & patching

Aluminum john boat welding repairing & patching

Aluminum john boat welding repairing & patching
I handed my camera to the John Boat owner and asked him to take many pictures of me fixing it. He agreed.

I don't glue it or use calk or anything cheap like that. It never holds. I weld it aluminum to aluminum.

The welding rod I use is so special, it costs a $100 a lb. Frequently 1/2 a lb will fix one boat. I just cant use an inferior cheaper welding rod. It just wont work. I've tried.

No wonder the other welding shops fail when they try, they haven't tried over a dozen different rod manufactures to learn which one really does work. You would be amazed at how many different rods I have tried before discovering the magic one that does work. The rest just wont stand up to their claim.

After it was fixed, I just assumed the camera had those pictures on it. After the aluminum John Boat was welded / patched and the customer paid and left, I went inside to check out the pictures.

There were no pictures of me doing the work or the repaired aluminum John Boat. So I called the customer, and he apologized and said he got so into what I was doing, that he forgot.

So in the future I will get more completed photos so I can show the before and after's.

Remember, I work by appointment only, so be sure to call before you come. 904-638-8338  Call me, 7 Am to 9 Pm, any day of the week

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