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By appointment only. I'm frequently available for same-day appointments.  You will save enough money to make you glad you called. Call me, 7 am to 9 pm any day of the week.

Affordable and Fast Trailer Repair service in St Augustine Fl and Jacksonville area.

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Trailer  Repair

Our Welding Website.

Electric Horse Trailer Brakes repaired.

Boat Trailer Repairs.

Tractor Trailer Repairs



Hi and welcome to my Trailer Repair Website.

You're trailer not behaving for you? Then give me a call, we can get together, and I'll straighten it out for you.


I am the SAVE YOU MONEY trailer repair service in St Augustine and Jacksonville area.


I work evenings and weekends to accommodate you're schedule.


I fix Horse Trailers, Boat Trailers, Utility Trailers, Car Hauling Trailers, Dump Trailers, Enclosed Trailers, Log Trailers', Tractor Trailers and any other kind of trailer that is towed behind a pull vehicle.


I fix Frames, Axles, Bearings, Brakes, Wiring, Lights, Winches, Hitches and virtually anything that can go wrong with a trailer. And I can modify it and customize it any way you want.


I install Electric Jacks, Trailer Winches, Tail Gates, Tool Boxes, Ladder Racks and anything you can imagine up.


I work with Steel, Stainless Steel, Wood, Fiberglass and Aluminum. I also rust proof them with anti corrosive inhibitors.


And of course I do lots of welding repairs and modifications on trailers also. I don't sell any trailers, but I fix them all so give me a call. 


I do NOT work on (refers), refrigerated trailers. I'll fix the trailer but NOT the refrigeration unit. And I do NOT work on air brakes. I do everything else though. 


 I do offer Mobile Trailer Repair service in St Augustine and Jacksonville.  I can bring my tools to your trailer.


Remember, I work by appointment only, so be sure to call and schedule us. 904-638-8338  Call me, 7 Am to 9 Pm, any day of the week.

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Trailer Repair

Our Welding Website.

Electric Horse Trailer Brakes repaired.
Tractor Trailer Repairs
I have many trailer axle replacement job pics to show, but not enough time to add them to this website yet. Boat Trailer Repairs.Trailer (horse) rebuilding.Smashed trailers rebuilt & repaired.
Sandblasting, paint stripping, rust removal services.
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Our company name is "After Hours Welding & Trailer Repair." We serve all of St Johns County and surrounding areas.

We do very low-priced, competent & quality work, by appointments only every day of the week. Yes weekends and holidays to.

Call anytime thanks to the magic of cell phones, I probably am available to answer you're questions. 

Without hesitation, call me at

I'll be happy to give you the information needed in order for you to make a wise, informed purchasing decision.