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Spiral stair case sandblast and rebuild. This page is ready to add.

Westminster pics.

Sandblasting concrete driveway & sidewalk.



One of the most accurate, full, complete and high value sites on everything website related. This guy is pure valuable information and no advertisements.


… and a pricing page joke with 3 sliders, quality, speed, cost



New blasting homepage.index and wet verses dry blasting. Our main lines of business include: Metal Stairs, Steel & Precast Concrete Erectors, Welding & Cutting Contractors. Railing (guardrails, handrails, balcony rails). ... my unique corrosion repair and prevention services. ... You didn’t hire me as your painter, so why did I spend so much of my time educating the people involved to what is required to achieve a 30 year corrosion free life span on the safe/strong stair case repair?  Because I was loyal to you and your project; because I really cared about the quality that will become your end result. Because I cared about your reputation. Because I was proud to deliver a top notch outcome. Because I am not of the mindset where a person attempts to receive the most while doing the least.   ... I don't believe in fixing something with the same quality that has already proven insufficient. I do however want you guys to be happy with the outcome from your decisions. An uninformed decision can inadvertently lead to a poor decision which will bring like results.   ...

Log cabin restoration with sandblasting.

A homeowner using paint stripper and power washer to remove paint off a log cabin. Probably got water and chemical inside the cabin through the cracks and killed the lawn. ... This company does great promo work for their blasting business. Not their youtube page shows nothing but blasting. ... This site does pretty good at showing you how to replace log faces or entire logs, and they do good at explaing the insect problems. and they have advertising in their magazine...  While a pressure washer is quick and easy, you should be very careful about getting the nozzle too close or using too much pressure. You can permanently damage the wood, force water into the interior of the cabin and trigger further cabin repairs.

Stripping Finish from Logs

For serious stripping and cabin restoration, the best approach is to blast the wood clean. Many things have been tried (like CO2 blasting and chemical strippers) but cob-blasting is the most widely-used. Ground-up corn cobs provide cheap media, they are non-toxic and environmentally-friendly and they won’t damage the wood.

Many times you can rent a machine locally and do it yourself but be aware that this is a big job probably best left to the experts. Simply gaining access to all areas of your log cabin will require long ladders, scaffolding and many hours working high in the air. Cob-blasting is a messy business and even if you use tarps and ground cloths you won’t be able to capture all the material.

CO2 blasting actually uses dry ice pellets at a temperature of -110° F. As the dry ice hits the surface it causes thermal shock, making the finish brittle and stripping it away. The best thing is that the CO2 simply evaporates and leaves no messy residue. This method is particularly useful when stripping finish inside a log cabin.

Oxalic acid is commonly used as a wood “brightener”, restoring the original color and brightness of new wood to old wood. It’s used after chemical strippers but you must use caution as these chemicals can be very dangerous.

Prepare the Surface of the Logs

Even with careful cob-blasting, the wood grain is raised, leaving a rough surface. This must be smoothed before applying a finish and the only way is by sanding. Random orbit sanders don’t leave marks in the wood since these sanders are constantly vibrating and rotating. Use 60-80 grit sandpaper to knock down the high, rough areas and leave the wood smooth and ready for re-staining.  ...   And here Sashco sells products and tools for cabin refurbishing and they have a neat video on cabin blasting ...



I'm going to build a refurbish stair case page, when I do, I can show how we strip rust and replace metal and then show this video where they do a lousy temp job and show the differences between our way and their way.  And this place talks about liability, insurance and stairs, some of which I might want to mention on my page. And this google page can give me inspiration how to make my pages findable and what topics to mention. ALSO add my spiral staircase rebuild job. Here is a page that describes soda blasting techniques and low pressure to use on wood. HOMEADVISOR has a page for sandblasting costs, maybe I should get on board with them as a lead source. Here is a inspiration page for timber or log cabin sandblasting. And think about making a page for wood rustic surfacing. And make a new entry for for sandblasting. Bob villas tv show, shows blasting wood and brick for interior restoration.(I can copy this video and put it on my website.)  This website talks about the advantages of blasting fabricated metal, they do welding and blasting, I can copy some of their content and use it on my website.


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boat 4 sale.

Aluminum Wheel welding page unfinished.

Sand blasting page.


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cast iron engine welding.

Aluminum gigging bow fishing platform for boats.

Aluminum Fuel Tank Fabrication, Building & Repair.

Directory, design welding and fabrication. submitted to google. and edited by lisa

My new Caravelle boat.

Generator cage build for a Mobile Escape room tractor trailer. submitted to google. and edited by lisa

Steel columns fabricated and installed. submitted to google.

Enclosed trailer highway accident damage wall rebuild. submitted

Aluminum hot water tank repair. submitted

01 Before pictures of the damage.  submitted to google.

02 Rebuilding car hauler frame drivers side. submitted to google.

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04 Rebuilding car hauler hydraulic stabilizer frame mount flange. submitted to google.


Sketchup for Lesa.  Click on that link and download it. Its a zip file so it will need to be uncompressed to somplace on your hard drive. After its uncompressed/unzipped, you can delete the zip file. Then open it up and reat the instructions how to install it. Call me if you need help.

Here is the page of photos taken at Chuck and Bev's on christmas eve.

Ashbritt Neuens page.

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386-748-8410verifcation page.

Horse trailer brakes repair.

General trailer repair.   Sort of unfinished, unlinked.

Types of welding we do.    

Bbq smoker build page.

Aluminum boat trailer extra torsion axle added to make two axles. Jim Knabb

Floyds page.

Lesa's Html page for dan.

Lincoln custom welded tow hitch.

Map and directions page.

my mobile welding.

Jeff's trailer.

Portable mobile welding.

Yacht steps, aluminum welding.   

Aluminum john boat welding repairing patching.     

Trike on beach, and Armadillos.    

aluminum only page

Hi-Lite aluminum tank repair

Kens boat trailer axle repair.


Ricky's oil tanker pump truck welding.

4th July 2015.

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DIRECTORY Radiator repair projects.

T Bird radiator repair.

Jasons Aluminum Trailer, Jk Transportation.

Car Hauler Tractor Trailer Truck repair wiring fix.

Directory of tractor trailer repair.

Gooseneck produce trailer repair.

Tractor Trailer aluminum tank repair.

Stainless Steel leg rests on my trike.

Mod Space trailer repair.

My Flood 9-17-2015

Tahoe console.

Panda my math

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Tahoe install instruction page.           #2

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Pressure washing.

very nice used van for $2,900 WWW.QABLAWI.COM  OR CALL US AT 321-633-6551 FOR MORE DETAILS.         

My ocean, paint cans and logos for top floor marketing.

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